Saturday, July 14, 2012

Easier DIY Felt Flowers

Ok... so I've tried making these adorable felt flowers a few different ways now!  I think that I've finally found a way that works and it's a lot easier than alot of the tutorials I've seen!!  After making my first few, I told my friend that I would NEVER make them again!!  Too much work and too many hot glue gun burns!  AnnnnnnnD then I was asked to make one by a photographer friend for her own upcoming newborn shoot, clearly I needed to try this again!  So here goes...

Step #1

Go to Wal-Mart and buy felt sheets, I've used a finished flower to give you an idea of sizes on pics : )

Step #2

Cut sheet of felt into squares, 1 sheet should yield about 12 squares

Step #3

Fold squares in half and cut into a circle, you notice there's a lot of cutting involved!

Step #4

Fold circles in half and cut into flower shape.  These do not need to be perfect as they'll all be folded and smashed together in the end!

Step #5

Make sure you leave 1 circle, as that will be you base!

Time for the hot glue gun!!! Take note, you're going to be working with small pieces and these next steps involve folding so BE CAREFUL not to burn the heck out of your fingers!!! Now then, put a dot of glue in the middle of flower and fold flower in half, but not exactly even so the petals are all 4 showing! Like this...

Step #7

Put a dot of glue in the middle of that and fold again, pinch until dry.  now set that one aside and continue to do these 2 folds with the rest of your flowers.

Step #8

Now you're are ready to assemble your flower... finally, right?
Ok... take the circle that you left to use as your base.  Glue 4 of your folded flowers down like so.  Doesn't have to be perfect, you can trim at the end to make it the way you like.

Step #9

At an angle so they are not exactly lined up, glue 2 more folded flowers on top of this.  I use scissors to press down until the glue dries, lesson learned from many burnt finger tips!

Step #10

Fluff and trim to perfection!  You are DONE!!!!  Here's the 2 I used for my friend's newborn headband.  Once the little princess is born I'll post a pic from the photo shoot!

These are some of my faves, found felt with a print on it at JoAnn Fabrics, so I used it on the white headband.  Added leaves and rhinestones for fun too!!!  Make them your own & Make it fun!!

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