Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who doesn't love a good FORT!!!

Easiest project Ever!!!!! This was perfect for my house because my Toddler & Infant share a room. This means a twin bed and a crib along with alllllll the toys, so there's not much room for anything else. Creativity is key!!

Main component... A shower curtain tension rod, I scored one at Burlington Coat Factory for $6.99!  Then I took 2 old flat sheets that weren't being used.  Show me a toddler that uses flat sheets and I'll show you my Super impressed face!!!!  You'll need to trim to make a hole for curtain rod, but the top of sheet should then just slide right now! I cut mine each into 2 panels longways so I could rotate and make it more interesting!!! I also added tulle... STANDARD!!!!!

Once you've got it ready, set it up!!! You'll need to trim the excess fabric off at the bottom to make it flush with the floor.  I have put mine in a corner between crib and closet. I've also used it on the back porch as a puppet theatre : ) 

IDEAS for same project: 
Puppet Theatre, you can set this one up just about anywhere!  Maybe a hallway?

Princess Closet, take an old Ar moire or Entertainment Center. Hang Princess Dresses, install curtain and voila...  The perfect Princess closet & changing area!  Install mirror and achieve Princess Perfection!!

Reading Nook, install some spice racks or other book holders on the wall behind your curtain and make it a perfectly peaceful little reading nook!

OTHER IDEAS??  Post in the comments, I'd love to hear them!!

However you use it, MAKE IT FUN!!!!

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