Friday, July 20, 2012

T-Shirt Remix

If you aren't familiar with the Genius behind P.S. I Made This, you should be!!  She's AMAZING!!  I took her idea and tweaked it just enough to make it mine! 

Here's her link:

SERIOUSLY...  follow her, pin her!!  Great ideas!!

So I took her idea of taking a Men's T-Shirt and making an Asymmetrical Masterpiece!  Well, instead I took 2 leftover Women's T-Shirts ( bigger comfy ones that I wore while pregnant ) and went to work!
First I cut from under the armpit of one sleeve up to the top of the shoulder of the other sleeve.  This is your main shirt, set aside for now!  Take 2nd shirt and cut strips, the more ruffles you want the more strips you'll need!  Clearly I used every bit of that 2nd shirt to make ruffly perfection! 

Once you're done cutting strips, you're ready to pin!  I did one row at a time and sewed before moving on, so fold and pin one row, then sew it!  The original plan said to hand sew, but since I got a machine...  I've become wicked lazy, so I used it for this project too!  

Pin and sew as many rows as you'd like to make it your own!!  Make it Yours & Make it FUN!!!  Here's Mine!!

Still a little baby belly to get rid of, but we're all friends here so BACK OFF!!!  LoL!!  Enjoy!!!

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