Thursday, July 26, 2012

EASY DIY Color Sorting for Toddlers

So EASY to create and a total hit with my daughter!!  We've worked hard the basics since she doesn't go to Preschool!  She picked them up easily but now we need to practice, practice, practice!!!  I had picked up a bunch of these bins for random stuff around the house, and for some reason it was sitting on my counter empty!!  I would later realize that it had been holding the toys that I had JUST dumped out on the floor for her to play with...  oh wells!

Ok, if you have an X-Acto Knife, grab it!!  If NOT...  GET ONE!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!! Use it way more than I'm willing to admit!  Take X-Acto and press against lid and turn in circles until you have a hole big enough to fit a pipe cleaner through.

USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!  USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!  Can't stress this enough!!  Got a pack of pipe cleaners, or whatever they're calling them these days in the $ Dollar Section $ at Target!  Cut them into smaller pieces so they'll fit down into the bin once pushed through hole!  Grab coordinating colors of constructions paper, you'll need like a 2 inch piece of each!  Cut paper into circle and punch hole in middle!  Hot glue cirlces on top of the hole in the bin's lid! 

DONE!!!  Give to Toddler and enjoy! 

Kept mine so busy that she got to the end and asked for MORE!!!  I ended up having to add 2 more colors to keep her going!  LOVED IT!!! 

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